Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Viking non-Viking post

Random NFL stuff today, since I don't feel too much like talking serious about the Vikings, except to encourage everyone to vote in this poll, for which you-know-who has (as of this writing) received the most votes and has a 6% approval rating, which is too high, IMHO.

* Despite what everyone will tell you, Mike Shanahan did not take an incredible risk in going for two at the end of the game Sunday, instead of kicking the extra point. Consider: A team has a roughly 50% chance of winning in overtime, right? Historically, two-point conversions are successful about 50% of the time. Thus, going for two to win it gives you the same chance of winning as taking the game to overtime. The only risk was that, if they missed it, Shanahan wouldn't have received a 92% approval rating.

(Then again, maybe the Broncos didn't want to take it to overtime for fear that Ed Hochuli and crew might give San Diego a makeup call for that awful non-fumble call.)

(And, at about the same time I write this, TMQ agrees. I swear, we don't share notes.)

* If Brad Childress does get fired, he'll need to have a rant on his way out, so he can maintain a steady stream of income in his post-football career, just like Dennis Green.

* I'm too lazy to add it to my side nav, but if you live away from your favorite team, don't have DirecTV, and don't want to shlep out to a sports bar every weekend, you can still find out what games you'll get on TV, thanks to this site.

* Adding insult to injury, I had Adam Vinatieri in my fantasy league last week. He got me a field goal and an extra point. My opponent's kicker? Ryan Longwell. I lost by 3 points.

* It's a sad thing that even I, when I see a QB complete a pass with his left hand (like Eli Manning did Sunday) or scramble out of the pocket and flip a ball out to a receiver (like Donovan McNabb did last night), my first thought is "Gee, that reminded me of Brett Favre." It's so drilled into my head that it's going to take years for it all to leak out. Maybe I can sue the NFL for brain damage.

(The difference between Favre and those two players is that the announcers didn't wet themselves about how amazing a play it was. You can expect to Favre hear that at least a Favre dozen times Favre next week when the Favres play the Chargers on Monday Night Favreball. Favre.)

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