Thursday, January 8, 2009

Words from other people

Time for my annual "Take it easy in the week or so following the end of the Vikings' season" break, but if I'm slacking off, the least I can do is point you toward some other people who aren't.

* One note regarding this blog, the start of the year, I posted a poll with the question "Who will have the best passer rating in 2008?" The choices were Tarvaris Jackson (13 votes), Brett Favre (6 votes), and Aaron Rodgers (1 vote). I thought that smacked way too much of homer-ism and the deathly fear most people have of the unknown -- and I was half right.

Jackson: 95.4
Rodgers: 93.8
Favre: 81.0

Really, through the first 3/4 of the season, did anyone think T-Jack would win that "competition"?

* I was going to write an article or two about the Minnesota Vikings' off-season needs in the coming weeks, but Cobra312004 beat me to it. He nailed pretty much ever major point I was going to make, even calling for the removal of Matt Birk and pleading for a real fullback. The only thing I would add is to get a single good return man, so Brad Childress isn't tempted to use Maurice Hicks or (gah) Adrian Peterson on returns any more.

* Daily Norseman is optimistic about next year's Viking squad. I'll need a little while before I feel truly optimistic, but there's one thing you can't deny about his post:

We saw Visanthe Shiancoe develop this season into a weapon at the tight end spot.

Frankly, I think we saw way more of Visanthe Shiancoe than we wanted to this year.

* Gus Frerotte lives in his own world and wants to stay there next year.

* 'Tis the time of year for anti-BCS sentiments, including good ones by Bill James and Rick Reilly. One wonders, though, how much Reilly will be able to keep that mindset once ESPN starts broadcasting the BCS bowl games.

* Speaking of guys who shouldn't write for (or anywhere else), here's Stephen A. Smith comparing Charles Barkley to Rosa Parks. Because, you know, being an outspoken rich black guy who thinks the NCAA should have more black head coaches (which is probably true, but there is room for debate) is the same as being a poor black woman who got herself arrested for wanting to sit anywhere she pleased on a bus.

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