Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday snark

Most mock drafts I'm seeing have the Vikings picking some combination of QB, OL, WR, and CB for their first two draft picks -- all solid need areas.

This one has us picking a defensive end in the first round and a safety in the second. The DE position opposite Jared Allen isn't even remotely a concern, with Ray Edwards and Brian Robison notching a combined 7.5 sacks, and the Vikings drafted a safety in the second round last year (Tyrell Johnson) to serve as Darren Sharper's eventual successor. Someone ought to give this Draft Dog the Ol' Yeller treatment.

(Even better, look at their 2010 Mock Draft, which has the Vikings picking 10th. If that's how they think the team will do, then I feel very good about next season.)

* Sure, the Vikings have the Love Boat scandal, but at least one of our players never beat up a paper-towel dispenser.

* Is it any surprise that a Chicago Tribune writer came up with this?

Favre's numbers were skewed by an awful December in which he threw only two touchdown passes against eight interceptions.

Funny, I thought they were skewed by that September game where he threw for six TDs. Take that away and his passer rating is 76.7. Oh, that's right, you only remove a game or a couple games from a sample when it helps your argument, not when it hurts it.

* Not sure how long it will last, but go to the Alex Rodriguez story here. The headline is "A-Rod says he took energy booster." Look to the right, after the related headlines. I see an ad stating "Tired of Being Tired?" and pimping an ad for a product that says it "fights fatigue."

Yeah, maybe an ad for an energy-boosting supplement wasn't the greatest choice for that page. But hey, as long as everyone's making money, steroids are OK. It's when they start costing MLB fans (and fans' dollars) that they'll actually do something about it.

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Cdub said...

Don't forget the Udeze has proclaimed he will return and fight for the starting role at DE which he did command at one point. It would be a hell of a story if that guy came back from lieukemia to start at DE for the Vikings again and was successful. DE is the LAST position we need to draft in. I'd rather take another RB than DE at this point.

Childress has made it clear that he intends on drafting by best player available. This Value over Need strategy has landed us Adrian Peterson. I'm not opposed to it, but if it means taking a guy at a position that we have a lot of depth in and arguably the best in the NFL at the position (Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, Williams Wall) then I will be very opposed unless it is to leverage some sort of trade.