Thursday, August 20, 2009

Examining the deal

A breakdown of the Brett Favre contract, as reported by ESPN:

The Vikings will pay Favre $12 million this year and $13 million next season, sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen and ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The contract does not contain performance bonuses.

Because Favre is a vested veteran, the $12 million is guaranteed for this season if he is on the opening day roster. This also applies to the $13 million 2010 deal. This year, $6 million is guaranteed for skill and injury, meaning that if he is bad during the next few weeks, the Vikings can't get out for less than $6 million.

The 2009 salary payments are deferred: $4 million over the season, $4 million in March and $4 million in 2011.

So, at the least, if Favre bites the big one before Opening Day, the Vikings are only out $6 million.

If he survives the Turk, the Vikings are on the hook for his $12 million this year. It's not clear what the article means by "This also applies to the $13 million 2010 deal," but one would imagine that means "If he is on the 2010 Opening Day roster, he gets $13 million," as opposed to the $13m being guaranteed if he makes the 2009 roster. We hope.

(And was that Turk article really written by someone at The Sporting News? Did they really refer to Frank Wycheck as "Frank Wishek"?)

Of course, we've probably got at least another 380 days or so to go until we know whether Favre will be on the team in 2010. Any "will/won't play out the contract" talk is pointless until then.

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