Friday, April 25, 2008

NFL Draft Mad Libs!

Admit it. You loved Mad Libs as a kid. When I was in grade school, we wasted many trees' worth of paper on such shenanigans -- which was OK because International Falls has a big paper mill in town and lots and lots of trees nearby.

In that spirit, I've crafted a Mad Lib for the NFL Draft! Just pick an answer for each category below, without looking at the text at the bottom of this entry, and then match up each answer with its corresponding number in the text entry. Hilarity then ensues!

(1) Man's first name
(2) Animal (plural)
(3) Number
(4) U.S. City
(5) NFL position (quarterback, kicker, etc.)
(6) Current NFL player who plays position in (5)
(7) Talent or trait (such as leadership, speed, kindness, etc.)
(8) Talent or trait
(9) Verb ending in "ing" (like hiking or sewing)
(10) Last name
(11) Current NFL Draft Prospect (like Jake Long or Joe Flacco)
(12) Ordinal number (like first, second, third, tenth, etc.)
(13) Number between 1 and 16
(14) Future year (i.e., greater than 2008)

And here's the story!

Let’s see what Mel Kiper, Jr. has to say about that last pick:

“I think (1)_____ is going to be a great player for the (2)_____ for the next (3)____ years. He excelled at the University of (4)______ and the team really needed a top-notch (5)_____ after losing (6)_____ to free agency. He brings (7)_____ and (8)_____ to a team that really lacked both qualities last year and his (9)_____ is among the best I’ve seen in years. When I talked to Coach (10)_____ last week, he told me he hoped (11)______ would drop to the team’s (12)____ pick, but if that didn’t work out, he had a backup plan, and that plan’s come to fruition. I see this team winning at least (13)____ games this year, maybe more, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make the Super Bowl by at least (14)_____."

Thanks, Mel!

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