Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My new hero

When a sports blogger criticizes a team's management or coaching staff for questionable personnel moves or a fundamental lack of understanding of what statistics are important (think "quarterback W-L record" or "batting average"), he's at best ignored, and at worst, subject to Buzz Bissinger-style contempt.

Fortunately, there's a new baseball blogger in town who, in this post, rates power as more important than speed and adds that speed is overrated when judging defensive skill. Basically, he poops on the notion that a strong running game is vastly overrated and that, while speed would be nice, he'd rather have a slow power hitter than a singles hitter with speed, something the Minnesota Twins, among other teams, have yet to figure out.

And the best part is that at least one MLB front office can't ignore the guy: He's Paul DePodesta, the Special Assistant to Baseball Operations for the San Diego Padres, and his blog's a great read. Bookmark it!

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