Monday, May 5, 2008

Variety for Monday

* Given his Harvard education, Matt Birk is probably, book-wise, the smartest guy on the Vikings' roster. But it never hurts to have a valedictorian -- from Chaska, no less -- on the offensive line. Between Tim Mattran and Notre Dame center John Sullivan, drafted in the 6th round, the Vikings seem to be getting ready to move on without Birk in 2009.

* The blog has started a series of articles about the early NFL. If, like me, you like reading about the NFL in the 1920s and 1930s (and who doesn't?), it's a good read to get a sense of how the multibillion-dollar league got its humble start.

* So maybe I was wrong and the Vikings did have a desperate need for a defensive end before picking up Jared Allen. I knew about Kenichi Udeze's situation, but I thought Darrion Scott was still with the team and not just a free agent getting arrested for assaulting a child.

* I suppose I'd have a dorky smile like the guy on the right if I was dating the girl on the left.

* Former Viking Ivan Caesar passed away recently. With a name like that, he was probably better suited for conquering nations than playing linebacker. Sadly, his middle name was "Orsen," and not something more fitting, like "Napoleon."

* Having a little more fun with the Historical Data Dominator, I see that Adrian Peterson is already the #21 all-time rusher for the Vikings (and can move into the top 10 with 1,207 yards in 2008) and that Tarvaris Jackson is #13 in interceptions (and can move into the top 10 with 7 in 2008).

* If you made a list of "Guys in the NFL you thought would be involved in a shooting," wouldn't you say that Marvin Harrison would have to be right about at the bottom of that list?

* As if the Packers don't have enough QBs in camp to try and replace Brett Favre, now it looks like they've signed Bledsoe.

* Like Jason Giambi many years ago, Roger Clemens is sorry he did "stuff." Or, more appropriately, "things," since he hasn't admitted to actual steroid use (yet). Or, even more appropriately, "15-year-old girls." Gee, Roger, I thought you were a paragon of virtue?

* The Twins are improbably in first place, leading the White Sox by 1.5 games, due in part to the Twins winning their last five and the Sox losing their last five. The best part of that news, of course, is that it gave [bleeping] Ozzie Guillen the chance to go off on Chicago media and fans.

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