Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft, Pick #2 (again)

I've decided to start re-naming these posts. Since I'm revealing the #2 pick in this post, I'll call this one #2, the next one #3, and so on.

Now that the bookkeeping is out of the way, the actual #2 pick is...well, a tie. Both Tom Brady and LaDainian Tomlinson received 3 votes. Peyton Manning and Brian Westbrook got 2 votes each, and 6 players tied with 1 vote each. Seems the pick wasn't as cut-and-dry as I thought it would be. So, using my powers as grand arbitrator of ties, I choose, as the #2 pick on my Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft...

LaDainian Tomlinson. Because there's no way you'll get me taking a quarterback second in a fantasy football draft. Plus, that whole 1,776 yards from scrimmage and 15+ TDs each of the last six years thing is the kind of steady production I want from a pick this high. Brady had a phenomenal season, but he's not going to throw 50 TD passes again. In fact, he'd never even thrown for 30 TDs before 2007.

That puts our draft so far at:

1. Adrian Peterson, Min
2. LaDainian Tomlinson, SD

Pick #3 should be very interesting! The polls will close at 6:00 P.M. Sunday.

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