Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun with numbers (again)

I haven't had much of a chance to play around with's new Play Index tools, but their recent blog post about week 1 stats inspired me to examine the Vikings' week 1 win over Cleveland in more detail:

* The Vikings have had 49 Week 1 games. Adrian Peterson's 180 yards is the highest total for a Viking running back in the team's first game. In fact, AP, holds three of the top 10 rushing totals for the franchise in Week 1 -- not bad, considering he's been in the league three years.

* In fact, only 13 players overall have rushed for 180 or more yards in Week 1. You all remember Norm Bulaich, don't you?

* Only three Vikings have had three rushing TDs in Week 1, as AP did, and only six have scored three TDs in Week 1 overall.

* On the other side of the coin, Brett Favre had the 45th most passing yards from a Vikings QB (in 49 games) in Week 1. Tarvaris Jackson checks in at #36 and #40.

* On the bright side, only 16 Vikings QBs (with at least 10 attempts) have gone without an interception in Week 1, as Favre did Sunday.

* OK, it's a little artificial, but no Viking has ever has ever had a stat line like Percy Harvin did Sunday in Week 1. It's fairly common overall, though.

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Luis said...

Jason. I love this stuff.

Go check out my very brief post on the importance of week 1.