Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Great Boycott

My mother threatened this when I talked to her a month or two back. But I didn't think she or my dad would actually follow through. Here's a rough transcript of a phone conversation with my dad from last night:

Me: So, what do you think about that new quarterback of ours?
Dad: I'm not even following the Vikings any more. I've been a Vikings fan for 40 years and I can't believe they went out and got that guy. I'm not paying any attention to them while he's on the team.

Mom wasn't home so I couldn't get her exact reaction. But I have to say, this is about as emotional as I've heard my father in years (even if it's closer to 50 years that he's been watching the Vikings than 40) and it scared me a little. He's already had one heart attack, he doesn't need another.

Do you know anyone else who's boycotting the Vikings while #4 is in town? Or at least is significantly diminishing their fandom because of it?

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Peter said...

My dad's a long time Vikings fan with heart surgery under his belt, and he's sticking with the team in spite of Favre. In fact, he's excited about it. I'm almost worried about him for the fact that he's watching the games.

What's more likely to induce a heart attack? Abandoning the Vikings or watching Favre throwing for them? Hard to say.