Thursday, September 24, 2009

When Canadians attack

One of the silliest paragraphs I've read in a while, from the keyboard of Yahoo! Sports' Jon Krawczynski:

Even with Brett Favre at quarterback, [Adrian] Peterson is the key to the Vikings offence. He draws so much attention from opposing defences who stack eight or nine men near the line of scrimmage that he opens things up for the passing game.

First, yay Canada? "Offence" and "defences"?

Second, there's nothing about our passing game so far this year that resembles anything has "opened up." And the Vikings' running game has really opened up the passing game since AP arrived, hasn't it? I mean, our guys are throwing for 5,000 yards and 40 TDs every year!

And third....well, there's this:

The Vikings' leading tackler practised on a limited with pads on, but defensive co-ordinator Leslie Frazier said he believes Henderson will be fine.

"Practised." Like, take off, eh? And he practised on a limited...what? A limited-time offer? A limited partnership? The Limited?

But you gotta love those "co-ordinators."


Peter said...

Ha! I remember being confused by all the same spellings over at Grant's Tomb.

But yeah, AP ain't opening up the passing game unless he's the one catching the ball.

DC said...

We're always confused by the way you Yanks spell things, too.