Wednesday, June 18, 2008

They told me to write this

They say success in life is all about networking. "They" also say you should only eat about 4 oz. of red meat per week and that success in the playoffs is all about running the ball and stopping the run, so what do "they" know, really? Well, I know that I've been looking at some more blogs over the past few weeks and I'm adding them to my reading list on the right. You should check them out, too.

* Twinkie Town is a nice Twins site, with frequent updates and lots of quality opinions. The next time you hear that the Twins are struggling because they're so young or that they need to add a veteran to provide guidance for all those fragile "kids," read this.

* I'll return a shout-out from The Ragnarok, a Vikings blog that's optimistic about the team's chances, even if Bryant McKinnie misses significant time due to a suspension. Still...Artis Hicks? *shiver*

* Here's another Twins blog, The Curse of the Big Papi -- hey, you know, it has been five years since the Twins gave away David Ortiz and we haven't won a title since! It's a curse!

* Skol Vikes isn't quite as frequently updated as the others, but I like his layout. He includes a picture with every post, a style I may copy.

* Finally, not related to sports at all, but if you haven't discovered Hulu yet, you should. Free streaming movies and episodes of TV series (including the three unaired episodes of Journeyman, which I loved), with minimal commercial interruptions. Best of all, it's legal, unlike some other streaming-video venues.


Anonymous said...


your "Hulu" link is actually linked to that one Vikings site...

anyways good stuff

Jason said...

Whoops, thanks! Fixed.

Virginia Viking said...

Hey there Jason. TBird over at the Ragnarok linked to your blog here, and so I came over and gave it a look-see. It's good. Welcome to the Vikings' blogger community. It's good to have another voice in the crowd. By all means, check out if you haven't already. Take care.

- VV

Jason said...

Thanks, VV!