Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vikings vs. Giants: Sunday

Friend of mine: "If Brett Favre could quarterback the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Yankees, ESPN would explode."

I think they'd have to add constant breaks in the action to discuss LeBron James' contract status for when he becomes a free agent in 2010 for actual combustion.

* Eli Manning has two games in his career with four interceptions. Guess who they were against.

* If the Vikings beat the Giants on Sunday, they'll have as good a chance of anyone in the NFC of going to the Super Bowl. Why? Because they'll have beaten the other three divisional champions (New York, Carolina, and Arizona). And if Tampa Bay and Atlanta both make the playoffs, the Vikings will have played every other NFC playoff team (in addition to two from the AFC). And at the start of the season, everyone said Pittsburgh had the tough schedule...

* Adrian Peterson now leads the league in fumbles by running backs (8).

* Prior to this season, Tarvaris Jackson averaged one interception per 23 pass attempts. This season, he has one interception in 123 pass attempts.

* Only four teams have fewer pass attempts and five teams have fewer completions than the Vikings. But the Vikings are one of only six teams with four or more players with 40+ receptions (Visanthe Shiancoe, Bobby Wade, Bernard Berrian, and Chester Taylor).

* And the season may not yet be over, but that hasn't stopped Bartolis from already putting together a rough mock draft. Now that's dedication.

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