Friday, February 13, 2009

Trivia time again

It's almost time for another weekend of the annual KVSC Trivia Contest, sponsored by KVSC radio in St. Cloud, Minnesota. If you've forgotten how it works (what, you don't obsess over this nearly year-round like I do?), read last year's post here.

What it means is that, for the next 50 hours (starting at 6 p.m. Eastern), I'll be all over the Internet looking for answers to silly questions about things I have no business knowing (or caring) about. Thankfully, years of finding random stuff on the Internet (not all of it porn, I swear!) have prepared me for this upcoming test, and I am a certified black belt in Google Fu.

Like last year, though, I'll leave you with a few questions, this time of my own making, for you to ponder over the weekend. All have been culled from non-Internet sources (i.e., those things called "books"); might be they can be found on the Internet, might be that they can't. Back in the day, the question writers could ask things like "How many rushing yards did Walter Payton have in his career?" Nowadays, anyone can find that answer in about five seconds, so they have to be a little more off-the-wall. Hopefully, mine will be a touch difficult to find, as well.

Just keep in mind that teams in the contest receive anywhere from about 5 (for the easy) to 30 (for the hard) minutes to research and find the answers to their questions.

Easy: Against what opponent did Gerald Riggs run for the most yardage in a single game, and how many yards did he rack up?

Medium: In EA's MLB Baseball 2005, what happens if the pitcher presses the L1 and X buttons at the same time?

Hard: What two NFL teams did not play a single game against each other between 1973 and 1991?

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