Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More on Winfield, and lots of girls

Here's a few more details on Antoine Winfield's new contract (thanks to Grant's Tomb for the link). On the one hand, I like the "if you're a starter, we'll pay you like a starter" clause, but I wonder if there could be some hard feelings down the road if Winfield feels like he's playing well enough, gets demoted anyway, and then stews over his lost income.

...The premise behind this commercial is about as unfunny as a commercial starring a man with no legs who mourns the fact that he can't walk.

...If the United Football League is what I think it is, it won't have very good players, but at least it's signed a comedy act for its San Francisco franchise.

...Then again, if you're looking for a wholly different kind of "action" in your minor-league football, this might be the league for you.

...I don't think I'm doing this poorly in my efforts to find a job, but considering the results so far, I'm not sure.

...Title of the week: Women Who Love Men Who Love Boobies or:
How I Learned to Reject Radical Gender Feminism and Started Loving the NFL
. Even if I don't agree with all her views. And she's married to a Bears fan.

...Since this seems to have turned into a "girls and football" post, here's another site I visit occasionally that provides some decent content.

...Meanwhile, if you prefer girls and baseball...or, more often than not, girls with no real connection to baseball...

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