Friday, August 21, 2009

The debut

Honestly, I won't write too much into four passes in a pre-season game (and Kevin Seifert does a good job of explaining those four passes here), but suffice to say Brett Favre didn't do anything to change my opinion of his eroding skills Friday night against the Chiefs. That said, I did fill in two spaces on my Favre Bingo card, which is a little disheartening considering the brevity of his debut.

But wow, didn't Tarvaris Jackson look good? I only watched the first half (and thanks to the guys at Awful Announcing for the streaming video!), so I didn't see the long TD pass to Darius Reynaud. Admittedly, he stayed in the game long after the Chiefs' starters had departed, but it's still a little depressing to think that he could be the best quarterback on the team. I wonder what uniform he'll be wearing next week?

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