Thursday, July 31, 2008

More places to waste time

Since I'm still not seeing much happening out of training camp (other than Tarvaris Jackson looking shaky, which isn't news at all), I've decided instead to take another look 'round the blog-o-sphere (with Smell-o-Vision!) and see what everyone else is talking about, as well as adding a few new sites to my link list:

* has a host of blogs for all kinds of sports teams out there, and the Vikings War Cry part of the site can be found here. Or, if you're feeling brave, you can see how the other side lives.

* In the "Girls like to blog, too" category, there are two very pink sites, one touting the Minnesota Vikings and another displaying a near-unhealthy love of the Minnesota Wild. I'm not intimidated by the estrogen-laced competition, but I do fear the day my mom gets a blog. I nearly had a heart attack when she first e-mailed me.

* As long as you remember that I'm your favorite Jason, feel free to check out another Jason's Minnesota Vikings Thoughts.

* Finally, I might have to change my layout soon, because fanofred's Nachos Grande just looks too cool.

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