Thursday, July 24, 2008

What are you doing?

...isn't just a puzzle category on Wheel of Fortune. It's also a question I get asked semi-regularly, ever since I left Press Pass Inc. nearly a year ago. The simple answer is "sitting on my butt wasting time," which I do in varying amounts every day. But I've also found quite a few interesting part-time and freelance jobs, most of which pay actual, real money. Here's a rundown of what I've been doing:

* The original plan when I left Press Pass was that I'd go back to work for Scrye as an Associate Editor, but that fell through and F&W Publications has been downsizing ever since. Still, I do write the occasional freelance article for them still, most recently a review of Mass Effect for the PC.

* I wrote an article in Beckett Massive Online Gamer for The Lord of the Rings Online. It should appear in the next issue.

* I've recently starting helping to write some articles for, including last week's piece about Green Ronin not producing books for D&D 4th Edition, and I've also contributed to the next print version of the ICv2 Guide to Games.

* I remain on good terms with Press Pass, good enough that I produced some copy for some of their football cards earlier this year, notably the 2008 Marquee Matchups. Some of them are for sale here. They don't show the backs, but if you could read the Woodson/Brohm one, it would say (depending on edits to my original text):

The 14th edition of the “Border Battle” between Kentucky and Louisville wasn’t decided until the final seconds of the fourth quarter. Brohm threw for 366 yards and two touchdowns, but Woodson lofted a 57-yard TD pass with 28 seconds to go in regulation, sending the Wildcats to a 40-34 victory in this 2007 game.

Now is that poetry, or what?

* I've written several hobby-retailer-friendly articles in F&W's Card Trade and one for Kalmbach Publishing's Model Retailer.

* I've also penned some articles for and Suite101. Hint: Mahalo pays well, Suite101 not so much.

* And, speaking of things that don't pay (but are still really fun), there's my recently renamed sports blog, which, Google Analytics tells me, received over 1,000 hits over the last month.

All that being said...I WANT MORE. More specifically, I need more -- that's the life of a freelancer, always looking for more work and scraping by on the scraps life throws to him. Feel sorry for me yet? Excellent. That means I are riting gud.

So let this serve as a semi-ad for my services. Need a fast and skilled freelance writer or editor with 12 years of experience? Need someone who can craft anything from how-tos to press releases? Need someone who works for peanuts (as long as they're gold-plated, jewel-encrusted peanuts)? Gimme a holler, comment, or e-mail (jasonlwinter), though I'm loathe to post (@) my e-mail for everyone ( on the 'net to see. Long-term, short-term, I'll take it. And I promise you won't be disappointed.

Unless you ask me to dance. That would be a disaster.

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