Friday, March 20, 2009

Vikings free-agent thoughts (and yawns)

When I saw the headline "Vikings sign WR Holt," I almost did cartwheels at the notion that the team had signed Torry Holt.

Unfortunately, not so much.

Maybe Glenn Holt can at least be better than Maurice Hicks (shouldn't be hard) as a kick returner. Playing for Cincinnati for the past three years should have given him plenty of experience at running back kicks, given the Bengals' defense. And if the Bengals want to pay $1.4 million for the services of Naufahu Tahi for 2009, they're welcome to him.

Then of course, there are still the prominent Jay Cutler-to-the-Vikings -- or Lions or Bears or just about any other team with a marginally sane head coach who doesn't go out of his way to alienate his star player. Say what you will about Brad Childress, he at least understands that Adrian Peterson is the reason he's still employed.

Trent Dilfer is apparently not of the opinion that the Vikings should try to acquire Cutler, prompting Dave Myers of the Winona Daily News to quip, "either Dilfer hasn’t seen the Minnesota passing attack since Randy Moss left town; he doesn’t actually hear his own words once they leave his mouth; or he’s simply #@%* nuts."

(Dave Myers, however, does not know that you only use "either" when comparing two options, not three. His editor apparently doesn't know, either.)

Darren Sharper signed with the Saints? Man, I really haven't been paying attention. Here's hoping Tyrell Johnson's up to the challenge of starting in the secondary.

Really, this guy's only going to be 33 this season, and has been fantastic every year of his career except last year. Why hasn't anyone signed him yet? What am I missing? You'd stink if you played for the 2008 Rams, too.

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