Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Writer's Block

With little news happening in Viking-land since the departure of Matt Birk and a few other semi-notable but not exactly earth-shattering re-signings (Heath Farwell and Benny Sapp -- and who the heck is Karl Paymah?), and with not even a Jay Cutler rumor to throw around any more, I've had a hard time coming up with ideas for new blog posts.

(I do have something interesting in the works, but the details are still being hashed out and I'd rather not talk about it in the meantime. Yeah, yeah, I'm such a tease.)

Fortunately, other bloggers aren't having as much trouble finding new material as I am. Here's the best of what I found:

* Advanced NFL Stats wonders what the NFL will be like without a salary cap, which could be the case in 2010.

* Pacifist Viking makes fun of Peter King's feelings about the Vikings quarterback situation, which really isn't Favre that hard when you Favre consider King's other Favre opinions on the matter. Favre.

* Luft is just as bored with the Vikings' off-season as I am, but at least he's more loquacious than I am about it.

* Finally, if you want to see the worst way to try and get a pro athlete to sign a card for you, check out Pat Neshek's February 27 entry on his blog. C'mon, buddy, it's not that hard to use a computer and substitute name and position, even manually. I do it all the time in cover letters (which might explain why I'm still looking for work).


Luft Krigare said...

Like I posted over at TSN, I've been wondering a while if the Vikings would or should make a move for Orlando Pace, and can he make the switch to the right side?

Here's my theory:
Between him and Bryant McKinnie, he would probably be better making the switch from left to right. Even going to the right side he would be better than my boy [Cook], plus it would free Ryan up to compete for the center position if not back up the tackles. If McKinnie can't play due to injury or suspension, just move Orlando over and Cook can go back to RT, or if Orlando goes down again, Cook is back at RT.

What do you think? Is this something that might be roling around in the vast open spaces of Brad Childress' head? Do you think the left to right switch wouldn't work? Then there would be the money issue of Pace asking for way too much, but assuming he is reasonable, would this work?

Also, Jay Cutler (I think) falls into the gunslinger quarter of the QB graph, with his style of play do you think if things in Denver degenerate even further that the Vikes should whatever to trade for him?

Thanks for the link.

Jason said...

Pace has played in three games over the last two years (and missed 8 games in 2006), so it's not his ability to play the other side of the line I'd be worried about -- it'd be his ability to play, period. If he'd be willing to play for the league minimum or for an incentive-laden contract, maybe he'd be worth taking a shot at, but I wouldn't expect much from him.

As for Cutler, yes we should absolutely want to trade for him. Yeah, he's a "gunslinger," but his turnover numbers aren't too terrible, and at the least, he's five years younger than Sage. Just depends on whether he's available and what the Broncos would want for him (probably a lot).