Thursday, April 23, 2009

And while we're talking about Mock Drafts...

Here's a great one.

He doesn't think the Lions will draft Matthew Stafford #1 overall. OK, I can believe that's a possibility. So Stafford goes to the Seahawks at #4. Again, acceptable.

So, where does Mark Sanchez go? Not to the Seahawks, obviously. Nor to the Jaguars at #8. Nor the 49ers at #10. Redskins at #13? Nope. Surely the Jets (#17) or Bucs (#19), both of whom seem to be lining up for Josh Freeman, will take him, right? Nope, and nope. Well, what about the Lions at #20? If they pass on Stafford, then -- no, no, not the Lions either.

And look at that. The Vikings, at pick #22, select Mark Sanchez.

Hey, I'd be all for it. But there are at least half a dozen teams that are going to pick Sanchez (and maybe trade up for him) before the Vikings even sniff him.

Looking it over, it seems that the draft picks were by the individual bloggers of SB Nation, and not by the author of the article, Matthew J. Darnell, himself. Which probably explains why they're bloggers instead of running an actual football team.

Still, that means I'll be using this one as one of the "pro" boards in my un-contest. Question, though: Does anyone have ESPN Insider? I'd love to include Mel Kiper's or Todd McShay's drafts in the un-contest, but you can only view their first 16 picks without Insider status.

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