Friday, May 8, 2009

Not out of the woods yet

Here's hoping the X-rays turn out poorly.

Hey, anyone out there with a broken arm near the Vikings HQ? Think you could sneak in your X-rays to Brad Childress in place of Brett Favre's?

No? Shoot.

But wait! He wants to stay retired!

Oh, hang on, that was on Wednesday. He could have changed his mind 62 times since then.

In fact, the ESPN article says that "Favre is motivated to continue his career, in part due to his disdain for Packers' management, and that he is eager to play again in the NFC North."

So, really, it could happen any time, up to the Vikings' first regular-season game on September 13. I wouldn't be shocked to hear that Favre says no, no, no, no up until September 12 and then says, "Well, maybe." That way, he gets to avoid training camp, preseason, team meetings -- you know, all that crummy "work" stuff that a legend like him shouldn't need to do. After all, he's just going to go out there and have fun like a kid in a playground making it up as he goes along and just having a good time --

Ok, step back, Jason. Take a deep breath.

Ahhhh...that feels good.

Fine. Until there is definite proof that something is actually going to happen in this whole, depressing affair, I'll stop talking about it, at least in such aserbic tones. Fact is, nobody knows right now, not ESPN, not Yahoo, not Brad Childress, not Bus Cook, probably not Favre himself.

Hey, is it too late to get Jay Cutler?

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