Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another possible implication

I'm probably dwelling too much on the worst-case scenario, but consider this:

Tarvaris Jackson is a free agent after 2009. Suppose that, somehow, he emerges as a good quarterback this year -- either the team doesn't sign Brett Favre and T-Jack wins the starting job or Favre does come in and is replaced by T-Jack, either due to injury or ineffectiveness.

So, after the 2009 season, you're Tarvaris Jackson and you're a relatively sought-after free-agent quarterback. Will you sign with:

a) The team that tried to cast you aside twice to pursue an aging legend; or
b) One of 31 other options.

Of course, another alternative is that T-Jack does nothing to make the Vikings wish to retain his services. One way or another, I'd wager that 2009 will be T-Jack's last season in purple. Maybe that's not a bad thing, but you never know.

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