Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun with numbers

Using the Historical Data Dominator:

* Only Eric Dickerson, Edgerrin James, and Earl Campbell have ever rushed for more yards in their first two seasons in the league than Adrian Peterson.

* Peterson already ranks ninth on the team's all-time rushing leaders list, and could vault all the way up to fourth if he amasses more than 1,445 yards in 2009.

* Bernard Berrian was a major deep threat in 2008, but he doesn't compare to John Gilliam in Vikings lore. Among pass-catchers with at least 25 receptions in a season, Gilliam owns the #2, #3, and #4 seasons in yards per reception. Berrian clocks in at #9.

* Who's the Vikings' single-season leader in receptions by a tight end? Nope, it's not Steve Jordan. Not Jermaine Wiggins. Not even Byron Chamberlain. It's Joe Senser. Who?

* Last year, I ran a comparison using the HDD and comparing quarterbacks with numbers similar to Tarvaris Jackson's in his second year. Running a similar comparison based on last year's numbers gives me a much smaller, not to mention less favorable (John Fourcade?!) list, partially because of Jackson's limited playing time.

Expanding the comparison to take Jackson's three years and total stats into account, I get this larger list of "similar quarterbacks" through their third years. The results are a little more favorable -- Steve Young and Roman Gabriel stand out -- and includes several decent-but-not-great QBs who experienced some success in their careers: Steve Beuerlein, Bobby Hebert, Elvis Grbac, and Kordell Stewart.

I tried the same trick with Sage Rosenfels, but it's an iffier proposition with him, because there aren't very many eight-year veterans who have only thrown 500-odd passes. His list is understandably small and undistinguished and includes a few QBs -- like A.J. Feeley and Matt Cavanaugh -- who were career backups given the occasional chance to start, with predictable results. This only further cements my notion that Tarvaris Jackson is probably the best option the Vikings have at QB.

* And finally...here are all the seasons ever turned in by 40-year-old quarterbacks. Gee, good thing we don't have one of those!


LestersLegends said...

I'd roll with Sage. I just wouldn't chance another season on T-Jack.

Luft Krigare said...

Interesting numbers. Especially the tight end number. Who?

Darren Campbell said...

Surprised diehard Viking fans don't know who Joe Senser was. He might have been a good one. But I believe he blew out his knee two or three years into his career and was never the same after that.

Anonymous said...

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