Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An 8,000-word post

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and I've got 2 pictures (and 3 videos, which I rate at 2,000 words each) below. And that's not even counting the words I'm typing now. Or these ones. Or these ones. Or these ones. Or these ones...

First off, one of the best hits you'll see in college football this year, and it wasn't even by a player:

Can an official call a penalty on himself?

The video on this page won't embed, but I'm still counting it in my total above. It's probably also a fake, but it's still disturbingly fun.

Next up: A 15-pound hamburger (20+ with bun and condiments) and the man who ate it.

Hold the fries.

Finally, the funniest video you'll see all week of a Major League Baseball player inadvertantly making a gay sex comment:

Thanks, Matt Stairs!

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Lester's Legends said...

That's a burger. Holy cow. Pun intended.